Monday, March 19, 2012

Episode 8: ILL Exploration

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 Space is rich with unique materials that are not found in our own galaxy. Any attempt to own all of those materials would cripple any space agency. To ensure that this does not happen, HCPL, with the aid of OCLC, has entered into a materials sharing agreement with other alien space programs. This agreement facilitates the temporary borrowing of materials, so that civilizations across the Universe can benefit from one another. 

It is known as Interlibrary Loan or ILL.

Below you will find a map that will guide you through ILL. WARNING: This is not one of your silly pirate maps from back in the day. Technology has advanced a great deal since then. Any good cadet will want to familiarize themselves with Prezi protocol before trying to use the map.

Some things you need to know about viewing this particular map. Under the More section of the Prezi you will find two options. The Fullscreen option is recommended. Use Esc to exit fullscreen once you are finished. The Autoplay option should be avoided for a maximum learning experience.

Also, there are important videos (with sound) embedded within this map, so you will want to make sure to watch those with your speakers or headphones on.

If you can't view this Prezi, then click here.

...3,2,1 On to the Quest!

Submit your answers to the questions below using the form on Harriet. A good practice is to first type your answers into a Word document. When you are finished, Copy/Paste your answers into the form. This may save you from losing your work. Be sure to submit after you have entered all your answers into the form.
  1. Prior to any launch, a series of requirements must be reviewed. When reviewed each requirement is given a status of either Go Flight or No-Go Flight. If one is deemed a No-Go Flight, then the launch must be scrubbed. Review the scenarios below for an ILL Request (base answers on the Borrowing section of the ILL Policy) . Which one(s) would result in a No-Go Flight status, thus putting the ILL on hold? [UPDATED]
    1. The item was published/release four months ago.
    2. All HCPL copies are checked out and are not scheduled to be returned for weeks.
    3. The customer already has 8 item requests/loans in process.
    4. The customer is prepared to travel to the LaPorte Branch to view microfiche that has been requested.
    5. The item is a music CD. 
  2. Time for another pre-launch preparation. Review the scenarios below for an On-Line Form launch (base answers on the Can I submit interlibrary loan requests online? section of HCPL's Interlibrary Loan Policy page). Which one(s) would result in a No-Go Flight status, thus putting the mission on hold? 
    1. The customer already has 10 item requests/loans in process.
    2. The customer no longer uses the e-mail on file, but will update it once the request is made.
    3. The customer owes only $30 in fines.
    4. The customer's visitor account is accurate down to the e-mail address.
    5. The customer updated the card account on-line and not in person. 
  3. There is one more launch to go. Review the scenarios below for an ILL Lending launch  (base answers on the Lending section of the ILL Policy) . Which one(s) would result in a No-Go Flight status, thus putting the mission on hold? 
    1. The customer is in France. [UPDATED]
    2. The customer refuses to pay any processing fees.
    3. There are 5 copies available in the system and 10 HCPL customers are currently requesting them. 
    4. The customer just wants to see 10 pages out of an item we do not lend.
    5. The item was published/released only eight months ago.
    6. The item is a DVD.
  4. What is the OCLC number for Jake Wizner's audio book, Spanking Shakespeare? Use the record that indicates over 100 libraries owning this audio book.
  5. What is the title and who is the author of the item with the OCLC/Accession number 122525712? How many copies are listed in Horizon?

If you have submitted all the correct answers to accomplish this mission, you will receive the ILL Space Vehicle to add to your command. This will let you dig through our cramped but coveted Cargo Hold for a chance to win a great prize. Complete The Fleet by earning all ten vehicles, and you will also receive ten Intergalactic Training Credits.

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