Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Enroll in the HCPL Space Quest!

Listen up, space cadet! This is your chance to rule the universe!

As part of your enrollment in the Space Academy, you will be assigned some challenging missions to help you develop your skills. Each time you master a mission, you will earn an additional space vehicle to command.

Complete the Fleet - accomplish all ten missions successfully - and you will be awarded with an Fleet Commander badge that will be the envy of all your fellow space travelers. In addition, you will earn ten intergalactic training credits!

Even better (well, certainly more FUN), each mission accomplished gives you one chance to put your name into the bidding for an item from our loaded Cargo Hold of prizes. At the end of this semester of the Space Academy (May 31), prize winners for each item will be drawn at random from the list of qualified bidders.

Boldly go where no cadets have gone before (guaranteed!). Learn to react quickly on the bridge! Swerve to avoid asteroids! Stun your opponents! Watch out for wormholes!

It's your time to shine.

-- Commander Cyborg Harry

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